Yesterday, the first bit of official Daft Punk merchandise dropped in the form of the awesome split-helmet t-shirt. If you hadn't copped one for whatever reason, you might want to take a look at these pictures. While they're not on, word from The Daft Club is that Daft Punk representatives have confirmed that the above images, which are apparently buried on their website, depict legit Daft Punk merchandise. The all revolve around "Get Lucky," from title to aesthetic, as well as posters. No word at all regarding when these will drop, but you might want to hold out for some of these designs.

UPDATE It looks like is now selling a special Daft Punk logo belt, the "Get Lucky" script tee, the "Get Lucky" script tee (for women), a "Lose Yourself to Dance" movie poster, and a "Get Lucky" script tank-top for women.