The quick story on this even happening: there was a fundraiser in Toronto for a team of eight producers (picked by Boi1da) are trying to get to SXSW to compete in an international beat battle. The Beats Academy of Toronto figured why not have a surprise guest, and it be Toronto mayor Rob Ford. Yes, the Rob Ford. Right, this guy. What'd they do? They got the crack-smoking mayor to get on stage and, um, make a beat. Or just tap the hell out of the pads, creating some weird almost footwork sounding mess. Too much crack got his beats wack, but dude's a character, so why not?

Support #TeamTO, who has five days left on their Kickstarter.

And for shits and giggles, here are a few GIFs of Rob Ford dancing:

rob-ford-dancing01 rob-ford-dancing02 rob-ford-dancing03

(Noisey, Complex)