On the road to riches and diamond rings, big DJs do big things. Even if you're hating the songs they spin, big DJs do big things. Hate it or love it, David Guetta is one of those big DJs, possibly one of the first big stars in the modern EDM era, simply for the amount of mainstream love (and production budgets) he received. He recently celebrated hitting 50 million Facebook likes, and shared this documentary that highlighted a big DJ doing a big thing: performing at Masada in Israel, which is the lowest point on the Earth at 424 meters under the sea (not literally under the sea, but you know). Sure, it ends up being another EDM ragefest, but how many of you DJs out there would kill for the opportunity to rock a crowd like that in a locale like Masada?

And if you want more David Guetta, check out his remix of Avicii's "Addicted To You," which is out now.