Hundreds of rap singles are released every year, and not all of them are successful. But recently, as rappers have continued to cram as many songs onto a CD as possible, we have seen some of those singles regain a second life as a “(Bonus Song)”, a parenthetical used to bring back failed singles, stray remixes, and other b-sides, as well as full-on smash singles that didn't fit into the album's overall sound.

For some of these tracks, they might have just not fit in the context of the album, pushed into the bonus section only to become the album’s biggest single. Others are singles that never really popped off like that, but still had enough core fans that it warranted a spot somewhere on the album. Others are left-field remixes. But a little time has shown that maybe those songs should have made the final cut. This is, after all, the iTunes era, where a bonus track could become a Top 10 hit or eventual fan favorite.

These are the 15 Recent Rap Bonus Songs We Can't Believe Didn't Make The Regular Tracklist.

Written by David Turner (@dalatudalatu)

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