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Toronto-based La+ch Beats and Dustbuster have a new joint that’ll make you yearn for some long summer nights at first listen. I can’t help but feel immense possibilities for the tried-and-true vibes of dreamy, falsetto lyrics (a la Chromeo, MGMT, and Passion Pit) combined with renewed fervor in house music and an emphasis on relaxed, sexy basslines. If we’re looking for what sounds might come to define the quickly approaching festival season, we may have just found an early-bird favorite.

Released on Dustbuster’s own label, "Hunter" already has 16,000+ listens on SoundCloud, and perhaps most surprising is the fact that practically no one has really heard of these guys. They released this single without a press release, literally telling their press agent "fuck a press release." Between their two SoundClouds, La+ch and Dustbuster have less than 700 followers but an already impressive arsenal of forward-thinking originals and flips, including a re-work of Mapei’s "Don’t Wait" and a disco edit of Arcade Fire’s "Reflektor."