While most producers vie to run the trap, Flosstradamus is trying to run the 'Nets. Their Internets game is insane, finding the PLURNT duo assembling a hardcore legion of fans who they interact with via URLs and IRL. With their rise in public persona, the need for official Flosstradamus merch has skyrocketed, and while we don't have the figures, we imagine their shirts, hats, stickers, and now vape pens are selling pretty well. Back in November, we saw the crew give out an open call for models for their lookbook, which we believe is this video (which featured a lot of grass being rolled up) is serving as their official Winter '14 collection. And that's awesome. But we've seen some fire images end up on the web that we think could serve well in a static collection of lookbook images. Some are HDYGRLZ in the field, others are delightful cats showing love to the warning sign. And yes, some of these are just PLURNT ladies looking great in Flosstradamus gear. And hell, maybe some of you will cop some gear and we can make a second unofficial HDYBYZ / HDYGRLZ lookbook.