Oh BeazyTymes.  These records flow like heavenly water when he's inspired, and we're on the third record from this young legend in the making in as many weeks.  It looks like he's going to keep his weekly #beazythursday releases going for a while, and we're always proud to premiere his work.  "Overdose" is nothing new when you're familiar with his output.  Those opposing hats that are barely noticeable in each channel.  The ridiculous drum work.  The way he toys with you before the drop.  These records are meticulous, and they're built to fuck your head up.  Enjoy this Do Androids Dance premiere.  It's downloadable via BeazyTymes.  And as he's approaching 10,000 followers since we found him less than a year ago, this feels like the opportune moment to link back to the tunes that made us believe in him.  They're all downloadable, and all absolutely nuts.