Why we underestimated him: We didn't think an actor-turned-rapper from Canada who sung as much as he rapped could ever become the hottest rapper in the game.

When he proved us wrong: When he dropped his critically-acclaimed mixtape, So Far Gone, in 2009 and proved that he could rap just as well as he could sing.

We obviously weren't the only ones who jumped on the Drake bandwagon back in '09. Since then, he's released three platinum albums and sold more than five million albums total. He's also set a new record by hitting No. 1 on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart 11 times. And he's ranked at or near the top of every "Hottest Rappers/MCs" list that's been released in recent years on a consistent basis. So much for all those preconceptions we had of him five years ago.

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