Macklemore & Ryan Lewis have capped off an incredible year by being nominated for seven Grammys, including nods for Song of the Year with "Same Love" and Album of the Year with The Heist. Speaking with MTV shortly after the nominations concert ended, the two were asked about their reactions to being nominated for music's biggest awards show. The two expressed their excitement and gratitude for having made it to this stage, as the reality started to sink in.

"Up until a year, year and a half ago, we were still an underground rap group that only a small percentage of the population knew about," Macklemore said. "And to be here and to reach this scale, I never thought our music would effect this many people and be heard by this many people. It's the highest honor."

So how did the duo celebrate their big moment? By performing at the Jingle Ball at the Staples Center  right after the nominations concert. Macklemore told MTV, "I'm about to drink some Martinellis. Eat some crackers, some grapes, maybe a string cheese, and turn up."

[via MTV News]

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