Giorgio Moroder's gone full EDM. If you didn't believe it before, you should hear it now. It's been an interesting cycle in Moroder's rebirth within the dance music scene. He was a pioneer that helped not only shape the disco scene, but a lot of electronics into the dance music scene as well. Dude's a legend, and had been before house and techno truly got established. Many fell in love with his work from then, to the point where Daft Punk emulated his sound (during a time where they decried the EDM of today). Random Access Memories is not typical "EDM," yet Moroder, their influence, is now embracing "typical EDM" at an alarming rate. Moroder even getting roped into a HAIM remix is confusing, but based on what we hear below, you could've told us any generic EDM producer crafted this and we'd believe you. Sure, the guitar strumming in there is a nice touch, but this is not what fans are looking for... or are they? Maybe they just like seeing the name Giorgio Moroder on tracks in 2013. There's a lot of novelty in there. But when do we get more tracks like "Racer?" Or is that just a dream long gone?