DJ Whoo Kid has had an lengthy career as a DJ. He has made his mark successfully through mixtapes, touring with 50 Cent and G-Unit, and through his radio show on Shade 45. Reliving the adventures he has had as part of Nah Right's "Mixtape Memories" series, he talked about the time that he almost got into a fight with fellow-DJ Kay Slay.

According to him, the dispute began when Kay Slay believed that he had stolen a Raekwon skit from one of his mixtapes. Kay Slay responded by making a diss song, and Whoo Kid returned the favor with the help of Cam'Ron. As Whoo Kid was in Harlem with a friend collecting money from a corner store, Kay Slay and his own friend emerged out of nowhere to challenge the two to a fight. Suspecting that Kay Slay's friend was carrying a weapon, Whoo Kid's friend pretended that he had a weapon on him too, and eventually, after some name-calling, cooler heads prevailed and a fight was avoided.

Another incident Whoo Kid talks about came from the time he was putting out the Rewind DVDs. One time, he was filming T.I. for the series in a hotel room, and when T.I. walked in, all the furniture had been moved around and the room was empty. Afraid that he was being set up, T.I. took out his gun and when Whoo Kid came out of the bathroom, he pointed it in his direction.

This was the second of a two-part conversation with Whoo Kid. Listen to the first part, where Whoo talks collaborations with Stretch Armstrong and the time Big Pun kidnapped him in The Bronx.

[via Nah Right]

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