A lot of upcoming producers make great work and some of it never see the light of day. Others dream of making it big but don’t put in the effort. Rarely do you see an artist who’s first break comes from Tiesto playing their track on one of the biggest stages in the EDM scene. Enzo Picardi, 20, is an upcoming producer from one of the dance capitals of the world, Miami. With heavy bass lines, and massive synths, he has made a couple of festival trap remixes that have caught the eye of artists like Tiesto, Carnage, and even other rising talents like Victor Niglio. Picardi had his "Starting Over" remix played by Tiesto at TomorrowWorld, and, if you’d like to see how big the track is, just watch Tiesto’s reaction on the second drop. We were able to catch up with Enzo Picardi, and get a deeper look into his work, his views, and his future.

What captivated your interest in EDM?
Well, that was back in high school. I mean, electro-house bangers just started exploding throughout and I remember one of the very first artists I got into was Afrojack. I was so engaged by what he made, and after just started diving deeper into it.

Knowing the scene of EDM was growing, what were your first steps into DJing/Producing?
Well I was always into music. I played guitar when I was like 12. But, I got into producing way before DJing. I started when I was in the 10th grade, messing around with weak hip-hop beats, and then messed around with house, before I finally got seriously into producing and DJing.

What artists do you look up to right now?
Actually one artist that respect from all aspects is RL Grime. He’s really just doing his thing right now, and his work is just so detailed and incredible.

How does it feel having your song played by Tiesto?
Oh, man. I was in my car, when my friend texted me, congratulating me. I had asked him to make sure it was another song like five times. I couldn't believe it. Not many people can say that Tiesto played their track, so I still feel so blessed.

I heard Carnage played your song as well...
Yea, I guess he got the song from Tiesto. He also played my other remix with Clips Ahoy. I actually sent Carnage the "Countdown" remix. I still am not sure how he found the "Starting Over" remix.

Have you gotten any shout-outs on Twitter yet?
Yea, Carnage has been the biggest one so far. He tagged Lookas and me, giving us props for the remix, and that was a big boost for the music.

Do you want people to know Enzo Picardi to be known for your festival trap style?
No, actually I want to go around and experiment. I really love all the genres so as long as my music is exactly the way I want it to be, ill put it out.

Do you have any go-to software and plug-ins?
Definitely Logic. It’s so good. And, as far as plug-ins go. I’d probably say Massive. I like sampling a lot actually.

What’s your process for producing?
Really, I’ll start all over the place, but probably with chords and synths. I leave drums usually for later, cause I find them easy to lay down. I usually spend most of my time working on builds and breaks.

How long does it take you to get a sound just right on Massive?
I’m so picky. It can take a really long time. I’m always tweaking.

How do you go about your remixes?
Oh, usually most of the work comes from sampling and cleaning up the drums. You have to use what you can when you don’t have the access to stems. Tweaking, stretching, all that good stuff.

How was it working with Lookas? How did the collaborating process flow?
It was great. We did a lot of our own stuff and then just sent it to each other. We would get on Skype and stay on for hours discussing sounds. Anything to get that remix down.

In the future, is there any artist in particular you’d like to collaborate with?
Damn, that’s tough. I’d probably say Flosstradamus. They’re crazy. They are definitely in my top five.

Are you working on any new projects?
Yea, I’m working on my original work now. I’ve got a couple remixes done and ready to go out for free, but I’m going to start to focus on my own original pieces now.

Alright, back to DJing. What’s your view on sync and beat matching?
[Laughs] Oh god. I’m not going to be hypocritical. I used sync before. I try not to. I’m not at the point where I can do a whole set with CDJs and USBs. But, I’m practicing and trying to learn. Definitely, most important is making a fun journey for the crowd, but as far as that goes, I think everyone should learn to beatmatch cause it will help you out a lot.

Favorite thing about what you’re doing right now as far as music goes?
Definitely the feedback. [I'm] always looking into improve and move on. Also, I’d say just making music and being able to say that you made something good.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
Man, I didn’t want to say it before, cause I’m pretty humble and laidback, but I can see myself traveling and playing music. For sure, I’m going to chase my dream so hopefully I can make it reality, regardless of how long it takes me.