For a few years, it seemed like Eminem's aesthetic impact in the game had waned, overshadowed by artists like 50, Jeezy, and Kanye. Then, in the past year, or so, his sound suddenly seems more relevant. You can hear it in Kendrick Lamar's precision writing and love of the extended metaphor (it's tough to imagine Lamar rapping about how "your parachute is a latex condom hooked to a dread" without Em). Certainly Danny Brown's drug-addled hedonism seems to show Em's influence. And the shock-humor (and subsequent media furor) of Odd Future definitely owes a defiant debt to Slim Shady. But perhaps the artist who's most obviously picked up the Detroit rapper's torch is Chance The Rapper, whose dexterous writing and vocal fry show a heavy debt to Eminem.