Lately, it feels as if nothing but judgement and negativity rule the EDM scene, rather than acceptance and god vibes. I don't want to drudge up bad memories, but this summer was filled with some pretty insane instances. I bore witness to disheartening displays of unsafe and belligerent behavior from youth and adults alike, unfortunately some to the most tragic of ends. What are the messages we are trying to send here?

The global EDM scene has had a profound effect on the local market, The scene is thriving, weekend after weekend, clubs in cities are packed with kids that just want to forget about life for a few hours and dance their pretty, sparkly, neon-clad hearts out onto their fishnet, kandi-filled sleeves. Instead of safe environments where kids are off the mean city streets, they are crammed into venues over-capacity and sold variants of chemical compounds that make up the purer of substances taken at these things. It is to the point where the only way to know if what you are taking is particularly "safe" (and I use that term loosely), you need to carry a tester kit and follow a specific set of rave-safe rules. No one is condoning the use of any substances, nor are we crucifying those that choose to use them, just being sure that everyone is equipped with the proper tools. Even if we are partying, that we should be doing it wisely. Stay hydrated. Take a break when you need it. Remember to breathe.

There is no doubt that a recent skyrocket in mass production and commercialization of EDM has sort of exploited the culture, and brought about stereotypes and prejudices similar to the misunderstandings that brought us all into this culture in the first place. There is only one option when faced with all of these negative stigmas: it is up to us to change the conversation, take responsibility for each other and ourselves, and put the elation, the pure joy back into the rave scene. Only good vibes should be shared, and these shows should be safe and loving environments. There are groups doing the right thing, trying to bring the ideals of peace, love, unity and respect, that once stood behind a now dead concept.

Krewella has always gotten this. They preach these morals, know what it is like to be different, and recognize the safe haven the dancefloor is supposed to be. They have always connected deeply with their fans, from communicating on Tumblr and Twitter to developing personal relationships with diehard Krew members. Four One Entertainment wanted to highlight some of the amazement and positivity the scene brings about, and how the music has literally saved lives for some previously caught in a world of despair. They enlisted the help of the down-to-earth Internet personality OHMYGODitsKAT. She has interviewed many great artists, and one of my personal favorites was the interview she did with Borgore. Kat is no stranger to the greatness of this scene, she is part of it. The interview subjects for this segments were the dedicated fans in New York City at Pier of Fear on Oct 31. They were given the chance to send a message to Krewella. This is a couple minutes of tear-jerking honesty, the testimonials of real fans expressing their real feelings. It is heartfelt and heartwarming to the core. Take a look.

And please, for the love of the scene, and the music, RAVE SAFE!