Androids and humans, welcome to the 50th mix in the Do Androids Dance mix series. Kind of crazy to see that we've made it to 50, and we're hoping you've enjoyed all of them. You know how we do, though; we won't go ham and throw too much confetti around - we just want you to go ham for some brilliant tracks. The 50th mix honors comes to us from Shanghai, the place where the mighty Conrank calls home. Conrank is not new to DAD; he let us give away a remix of his recently, and he's got the ear of Starkey and Dev79, with a release on Slit Jockey forthcoming. His mix not only features tunes from what should be an immense release via the Street Bass phenoms, but he also drops some bangers from his next Robox Nanotech release. Conrank's a busy boy, and when you look over this tracklist and realize how many of these beats are his, you'll understand why we've kept our eyes on him. Celebrate our 50th with this

Keep in touch with Conrank: Twitter | SoundCloud | Facebook


1: Conrank - Shut Up (Forthcoming on Slit Jockey)
2: The Other Side - Call Me When You Need Me
3: Subp Yao - Summer Of ’13
4: Conrank - 222 In The Back (DAD Exclusive)
5: Ghetts - Don’t Phone Me (Conrank Bootleg Remix) (DAD Exclusive)
6: Doshy & Conrank - Flash Wiggles
7: Conrank - Lung Slinger
8: The Other Side - Drop Top (Terrorrytmus Remix)
9: Conrank - Clear (Forthcoming on Slit Jockey)
10: DJ Cable ft. Goldfinger - Cassette (Conrank Remix)
11: Starkey - Blaster
12: Conrank - Flipping Eggs VIP (Forthcoming on Robox Neotech)
13: Doshy & G Jones - Ghetto Bird
14: Conrank - It’s That E ft. Vital
15: Guerrilla Speakerz & Krampfhaft - Razor
16: The Other Side - Effects (Conrank Remix)
17: Tomb Crew ft. Illaman - Warning
18: Chimpo & Trigga - Gaza (Sukh Knight Remix)
19: Conrank - Boy Tell Em (Forthcoming on Robox Neotech)
20: Stooki Sounds & Muramasa - RVRE
21: Conrank - Def 2 All (DAD Exclusive)
22: Conrank - Ill Shit G ft. Vital (DAD Exclusive)