Yesterday, Nashville rapper and G-Unit member Young Buck shared the news on Twitter that he had been released from prison, where he was serving an 18-month sentence on weapons charges. Today, he shared the striking animated video for "Rage," which channels some of his frustration about both his ongoing legal struggles and the broader American penal system over a Marvin Gaye sample.

It's a hard track with some heavy lyrical commentary, like "Been working all these years just to get by/convicted felon so it's hard for me to get high/Border patrol been checking into big ties/Make it hard for Americans, so we turn to fire." But it's the video that really demands attention, showing a succession of black and white animations that up the lyrics' grim stakes. Beautifully assembled by Timo Albert and Karmo Ruusmaa, it's worth watching closely.

Check it out above.

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