Earlier this year, DAD was blown away by the Red Bull Music Academy's stay in New York, particularly with the massive Culture Clash (that was won by DAD favorites Trouble & Bass). While RBMA doesn't seem to be making a month of it in sunny Miami, they are bringing the Culture Clash to Miami's Grand Central on October 24, and the competition will be serious! Slow Roast Records, (which was created by DJ Craze and Kill the Noise), Basshead Music (featuring A Sides and Juan BassHead), Moombahton Massive (with the mighty Nadastrom and DJ Sabo), and the combination of the Black Chiney DJ Collective and Eccentrix Sound will be going head-to-head-to-head-to-head in the usual four-round format. This should be intense, especially given the wealth of talent that each of these crews has. Those alternate-genre rounds will be interesting! Tickets are available right now.


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