Earlier this week, we gave you a list of the most anticipated albums of this fall. What we didn't include was the newly announced EPROM album, Halflife. Let it be known that had this been announced, we would have it right near the top of the list, if not the top.

So far the Portland, Oregon-based producer has made a name for himself with his standout, mind-bending and devilishly creative beats, gaining support from the likes of Machinedrum, DJ Shadow, Diplo, The Gaslamp Killer; so you know this album is about to be a killer. His style has been defined and niche from the beginning, but with over 12+ label releases and a slew of bootlegs and remixes, EPROM has found himself at the forefront of the the beats scene. Arguably the most experimental, EPROM's style is certifiably unique in that it at once mixes hip-hop sensibilities, ambient and minimalistic soundscapes, African percussion, and all sorts of ear-tickling sound design.

If you've never heard of EPROM, you can start by checking out his smackin' remixes of Kendrick and The Throne, or the lead single from his debut album Methahuman, an absolutely mind-blowing track appropriately dubbed "Regis Chillbin." The album will contain 13 tracks and is slated to drop next month on Rwina Records on October 14.

01. Center of the Sun
02. Beasts of Babylon
03. Hurricane
04. Vogel
05. Super FX
06. Lost Levels
07. Screwface
08. Machine Skin
09. Pentatonic Dust
10. Moisture
11. Turtle Ride
12. Subroc
13. Cloud Leanmixx

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