We here at Do Androids Dance don't care if you want to fit the stereotypical image of a DJ; our first priority is great music. And while our private conversation often includes the lack of prominent women (and other non-white males) in the industry, the tale that is being told through Unsub's music is a bit different.

She's transgender, and continued to produce music through her journey from male body to a female one in an effort to connect with those that might be going through the same thing.  It's incredibly brave to share this information publicly, but it serves purpose. My first thought was "how many other producers have issues identifying with their LBGT status?" And her tale can open countless pairs of eyes.  Outside of drum&bass producer/DJ 1.8.7., I can't recall anyone telling a similar story.

But Unsub is stuck in New Zealand, and in need of some financial assistance in order to cover her flight to the United States, her working visa, manufacturing overhead for merchandise, and miscellaneous costs.  This campaign has varying levels of commitment, from a four-track supporters' EP for $5 to an exclusive dubplate vinyl that includes any tune from her catalog as side A, and a track that will be exclusive to you (never digitally released) as the B-side. There are several contribution levels that land in the middle of these extremes.

If you think I posted this just for the merit of an interesting story, you don't know me. Unsub is creating some mind-blowing low-end on records of veering genres,  both under this name and her alias, Alexis K. She remixed Munchi and Mr. Lexx's "Shottas," has had a #1 single on Beatport, and been featured on MTV via Generation Bass.  There is more to the story than music, but these tunes have been consistently thought-provoking and destructive.

I asked her for a list of promoters that would support a tour if she made the journey, and didn't even need to check it.  This list was filled with respected industry heads in cities all across the United States.  This trip will not be in vein.  She's past 1/10 of the way to her goal of $7000, and you will get blessed with wonderful music in exchange for your support.  You can check out the campaign in more depth or contribute here.

Again, this is a feel-good story.  But we value music above all.  Feel free to check her work below and see why we care to help make this trip happen.