Label: V2
Year: 1999

I'm going to cheat here and just choose Moby's entire album Play. To many Moby is an auteur, far above the rest of his peers.  To some, Moby is that weird bald electronic guy. To me, he represents a true artist. With his soulful and emotive electronic productions, Moby has established an incredibly loyal and strong following bordering on cult status. To everyone, he's the unwitting soundtrack of the 90s. As a fixture in the 1990's electronica movement, Moby represented a new wave of electronic music that would ultimately fail to break into the mainstream in a long-lasting way. Despite this perceived failure, artsts like Moby strived towards making a true artistic sound ripe with personal expression. And while his tunes lacked obvious commercial appeal, with the help of an excellent team Moby's Play scored advertising placements across the board. Movies, commercials, TV, it was hard not to hear it. While contemporary dance music often features largely synthetic sonic palates, Moby's approach featured many live recordings and "found sound" (a colloquial term for field recordings), and the result was an organic downtempo masterpiece. Incorporating elements of rock and roll, soul, and hip-hop into his modern electronic beats, Moby's Play perfectly distilled what was happening musically around the world. It was just the beginning for what we're seeing now around the world, and we wouldn't be here with out it.