Missing hits: N/A
Missing guest spots: Usher's "Love In This Club," Akon's "I'm So Paid," Kanye West's "Amazing," Rihanna's "Hard"
Total number of Top 40 hits as lead artist: 5

Seeing as how he started his run later than anyone else on this list, Jeezy's hits make you wonder what he's got left in the tank. He scored a number of big hits and made classic songs starting in 2005, but he hasn't had a Top 40 hit since 2010's "Lose My Mind." In that five year window, he made nine of the 13 songs listed, which means the last few songs are from the past few years, but they weren't even big hits to begin with. This shouldn't come as a surprise though: Most of Jeezy's fanbase is in the streets, not the charts.