Autre Ne Veut: "You know what? I like the idea of having some people who listen to the record primarily listen to avant-garde music or whatever. They’re like, ‘This is cool, this is interesting because the production works within that paradigm to a degree.’ Then also having people who think this sounds just like pop music and that’s cool to me too.

"If I can make records where I have that large of an array of fans, then I feel like I’m doing my job. To cut people out like they’re not smart enough or not cool enough for whatever reason? Aside from shooting myself in the foot, that’s not really how I think about that stuff. I make music primarily for totally selfish reasons. [Laughs.] To deny anybody the right to like it for whatever their own reasons are, that’s ridiculous.

"I definitely don’t really care how people end up categorizing it. I think that’s one of those things that’s for journalists in the music industry. It’s primarily a way to say, ‘If you like X, then you might also like Y and Z.’"