Skytree and I spoke last week for over an hour, but the call wasn't initiated for the right reason. At all. He posted something on his personal Facebook wall about looking for a job to supplement his music career, and had the immediate Internet support of a couple hundred Internet friends to balance his reasoning. I reached out to him, and we spoke at length about a small handful of things. And I know I hung up feeling better. Not only is this man making incredible tunes, but his vibe is super chill. He just wants to do what he loves to do.

The fact that our current system of music networks doesn't support artists like this is fucking sad. It's disheartening that people feel like they have to make music that sounds like everyone elses' in order to succeed. And that the market isn't accepting of these different artists. Content curators have no idea what musicianship is or how to find or help those that are breaking new ground. Skytree said he's tried to make music to cater to the masses, and can't. He really shouldn't have to. It's not like he's making shit tunes. It's just a different vibe, and certainly much more difficult to produce than your favorite trap tune.

Skytree has an Indiegogo page to offer different packages for his new collaborative album, Cirrus Sapiens. He's a little over 1/5 of the way to his goal of $8888, which will allow him to print up 1500 CDs as well as a heap of stickers, posters, and cards. He'll also be able to cover his studio and production costs, and create several music videos. $4 will get you an early copy of his forthcoming release in any format you wish. For $66 you can get his entire discography on a bamboo USB drive, and an hour-long Skype Session from someone with more than 10 years in the game. His intricate bass music is unlike that of anyone else I've ever heard.

And BRUH. If you're into all things trippy, splurge on his $777 package, which includes an "all-inclusive private house party or public set anywhere in North America, customized to your event, plus a crystal workshop and a whole day of chilling, producing music, hiking, whatever you'd like to do (within reason of course!)." I've charged more than this for DJ gigs, and all I want to do is go back to my hotel room afterwards. If you have the ability to find 100 friends to pitch in $7 each, you can have your mind blown musically in the comfort of your own home. AND YOU GET A FREE HAT, TOO!!

In all seriousness though, check some of his work below, and contribute to this true artist. There is huge range of donation levels, and as he says, "if you don't have funds to spare, no worries! You can help a great deal just by sharing and spreading the word." You are getting more than your money's worth for each paid package, and this is nothing close to a handout. This is a wonderful guy making wonderful music that simply needs a bit of help to take his craft to the next level. You get to listen to a project that your contribution helped create. It's a win/win. I don't want to see this guy working at Trader Joe's. You can contribute here and check his work below.  We're certainly going to be covering this release on DoAndroidsDance as it drops in September.