Face it: Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" will be in the upper echelon of many "songs of the year" lists for 2013, with good reason. The perfect storm of the androids, Nile Rodgers, and Pharrell created a slick, beautiful ode to living for the moment, for the night. Many call it disco, but we urge you to not use that term around Pharrell, as he doesn't agree with you:

"I don't know if it's a disco track; like, if you really think about it, it feels a little bit more, like, 'post.' But if you consider all of the elements, and where it comes from, the feeling, it kind of feels like out of time, like it's not necessarily in a specific time. At least when I hear it."

One thing Pharrell wasn't so clear on was the success that "Get Lucky" obtained. We were shocked as well; the anticipation was obviously there, but going from "dance music fans will definitely be into this" to "breaking Spotify streaming records" wasn't necessarily what DAD, or Pharrell, thought was going to go down:

"I mean, I thought it would do good, I didn't know it would be this; I didn't know it would be breaking records across the board, I had no idea. I just thought it would do well, because it felt great and it felt different, and you guys know I live for those types of things, to do things that are different. So the fact that it's been so explosive, and that the people chose to make it the phenomenon it is; the only thing we can say is thank y'all. I was with the robots yesterday, and, of course, they're super thankful too."

Whatever the case may be, they have created a true gem for the current EDM crowd to reflect on. Bask in that glow, Pharrell. We're proud of you. Now if only Pharrell had spoken about what the "Get Lucky" remix sounds like...

(MTV News)