Album: Mission: Impossible III soundtrack
: Roc-A-Fella
Producer: Kanye West

In 2006, somebody had the strange idea that the best way forward for the Mission: Impossible franchise was to tap into some hip-hop street cred. The most memorable moment of thise ill-fated promotional campaign came when Tom Cruise went on 106 & Park and did Yung Joc's motorcycle dance. But Kanye's contribution to the soundtrack was a terrible mistake in its own right. "Impossible" employs plenty of Ye's favorite production tricks, but the soul samples and over-busy bongos never quite gel into something hot—and the rhymes are sloppier than usual. (Nobody's impressed with pronouncing "gospel" as "gosp-it-el" to rhyme it with "hospital.") Taking on the Mission: Impossible theme was a big job previously handled by some big names. But it says something that Kanye West wasn't able to live up to the standard previously set by U2's rhythm section and Limp Bizkit.