Noisey recently did an in-depth investigation into the whereabouts of Tim Dog after it was revealed that his death earlier this year from diabetes-related seizures may have been faked.

They were unable to locate him (and they're not the only ones). They did reach out to one of the women he'd scammed, and followed up with coroners offices in Atlanta, where Timothy Blair had reportedly passed. Unable to find any evidence of the rapper's death, they also reached out to The Source magazine, who had initially published the report about Tim Dog's death. That's where things get, well, strange.

Here's an excerpt from Noisey's piece:

Speaking under the condition of anonymity, a Source staff member who claims to be in the office when Sha Be Allah filed the piece said to me, “After several weeks of things going on, he went back to the office and told us that the guy was hiding or something. I don’t know what happened—some financial or legal issues. From there, you know. They’re looking for him.”
While Sha Be Allah might not have any information as to Tim Dog’s whereabouts, he can explain why he reported Blair’s death with such little context. “I got the information from a family member of Tim’s and a close friend simultaneously,” he said. “As a journalist, if you hear somebody died you just wanna make sure somebody else said it too and it’s not just something you heard.
As for why his post disappeared, he said, “We launched a new site probably a week or two after Tim’s death. The article’s not actually down, it was just cleared when we started the new site.” However, a search for “Tim Dog” on The Source’s website yields results from January 14th, February 28th, and March 22nd, none of which are the Tim Dog death report (view a screenshot here).

[via Noisey]

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