Producer: Mannie Fresh
Album: Tha Carter
Label: Cash Money, Universal

Despite what the revisionists might tell you, the main distinction between early Wayne and later Wayne was less about lyrics than it was delivery and construction. In his Hot Boy days, Wayne's flow was playfully loose and sometimes sloppy. "Go DJ" is a testament to his refinement: tightly constructed, with deep internal rhymes and every syllable in its perfect place: "I fly by you in a foreign whip on the throttle/With a model bony bitch/Pair of phony tits."

Meanwhile Mannie plays the perfect hypeman, shouting out grown ups, in between, chirren, and babies. (The "Go DJ" hook is lifted from old guard Cash Money members UNLV's local hit of the same name. Their subsequent disses never garnered a formal response, but Wayne quietly added insult to injury by boosting their original "Go DJ" beat for Dedication 2's "Walk It Off." Leaving behind just residue and bone, indeed.)