Producer: Mannie Fresh, Batman
Album: Tha Carter
Label: Cash Money, Universal

Around the release of Tha Carter it was becoming obvious that Wayne was finally growing into the flow that he had always strove for. When this comfort level set in Wayne was clearly loving it, often styling like a monster just to show you he could. "BM J.R." is a perfect example of his "look Ma, no hands" show-off style...or "look Pa," maybe? Because Birdman's all over the track with some Diddy-style chest puffing.

He had good reason to be proud; you can almost hear Wayne scrunching up his face and attacking the mic: "I lie his body in grease set the fire to 'im/I tie his body in sheets put the tires to 'im/Make 'im feel the Escalade, put his feet in the blades/Damn! I'm the heat in the blaze."