After hearing about the death of Chris "Mac Daddy" KellyJermaine Dupri wrote a heartfelt letter honoring Mac Daddy's memory calling him "the son I never had." Peep the letter below.

What's important to remember is Kris Kross' success in the early '90s was similar to Heavy D's success. Just like how Heavy D's initial success was the launching pad for Diddy's eventual Bad Boy takeover, Kris Kross' smash hit "Jump" essentially bankrolled Dupri's So So Def label.

Although they became associated with the label, fans tend to forget that Kris Kross were never in fact signed to So So Def. But that doesn't mean they didn't play a major hand in helping build it.

Peep footage of Kris Kross performing at the recent So So Def 20th Anniversary concert.