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Want Kanye West to play your show? No problem. Just book it a year in advance. 

At least that's what Jordan Wolowitz, one of the three partners of Founders Entertainment, which organizes Governors Ball, had to do. In an interview with the Huffington Post, Wolowitz talked about the process behind booking 'Ye for the three-day festival.

This year has the highest-profile headliners to date. With artists like Kanye and Axl Rose on your bill, were any acts difficult to book?
Kanye took awhile, for a few reasons. Even though his name is so big and he seems to be in the spotlight, besides his two Watch the Throne dates with Jay-Z at Madison Square Garden in 2011, this is his first big New York City headliner in five years. He doesn't do that many huge headline shows on his own, and especially in New York. We reached out to him almost a year in advance and worked with his representatives, keeping them in the loop as we built out the line-up. Once he was presented with the finished product, it looked like something that he's never done before and a unique play for him. Now we're all excited to have him play at the festival.

The organizer went on to say, "We've seen his production rider and it's going to be incredible." 

We'd love to say he's just hyping it up (as is his job) but we're going to go ahead and say it probably is going to be incredible. So if you haven't already, go cop some tickets.

The three-day festival goes down on Randalls Island in NYC from June 7 to June 9. 

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