Twitter: @TheOutfitTX

Pros: Sounds like a contemporary version of all your favorite southern rap groups without sounding TOO MUCH like all of your favorite southern rap groups.

Cons: Are there even actual rap groups anymore? Is this even really a con?

Essential Listening: Starships and Rockets: Cooly Fooly Space Age Funk

There was previous iteration of The Outfit, TX, a two-man team, and they were perfectly serviceable. But the current version, the three-man rotation, is positively perfect. There's JayHawk, the group's hyper-excitable rap dynamo. He leans into his country accent with a palpable vigor, his words sounding dipped in molasses.

There's Mel, the group's unstoppably likable leader. Where JayHawk's voice is acute and high-pitched, drilling its way into the base of your spine, Mel's is wide and warm and all-encompassing.

And then there's Dorian. He raps on most songs, but primarily, he serves as the group's absolutely indispensable producer. He possesses (a) a preternatural understanding of the traditional southern rap aesthetic, and (b) the ability to advance it forward, taking the traditional bump and drag and thumbing it into an ethereal, Saturn-y jaunt. Fewer things work together more perfectly.