Twitter: @RobGullatte

Pros: Is crazy.

Cons: Might actually really be crazy.

Essential Listening: Abortion: The Project

Rob Gullatte is, in no uncertain terms, an insane man. He is also, in no uncertain terms, devastatingly talented. And there is probably a correlation between the two. Gullatte is a rapping fist fight, his flow a stutter-stepped fury fest of meanness and resentment. There are no tricks and there are charades; he simply attempts to yank the throat out of every beat he's placed on.

The best: On the first verse of the very first song of his most recent tape, Abortion, he launches into a fully vetted attack on the universe, chastising it for placing a curse on his family. He explains how the realization of inevitable failure came to him while sitting at a bus stop, how it folded him over into two.

You can hear the tears in his eyes. When asked about it, "I actually didn't even record the second verse to that song until a few days or weeks later. I broke down in the booth. I couldn't go back in there. If you listen, you can hear it happening." If you listen, you can hear it happening.