TMZ is reporting that a judge has thrown out Wiz Khalifa's case against concert promotion company It's My Party, Inc. Wiz was suing It's My Party for cancelling his show at George Mason University.

Although Wiz was originally only owed 85K for the show, he was suing for a million claiming the gig he missed out on caused damage to his reputation. 

However a judge threw the case out after it was revealed Wiz never signed a contract. 

But we're sure to expect more lawsuits for Wiz in the future. He recently told Esquire, "Right now, I'm learning to sue people and get my money. After talking to people who work for Donald Trump — smart, successful people — I've realized I gotta go after all that." 

Guess his new hobby isn't all that fruitful just yet. If only Wiz had watched Judge Judy regularly he would have learned life's greatest lesson: Always get it in writing.

[via TMZ]

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