Alexander Spit: “The Internet started popping off [when I was a kid]. On the Internet I was learning more about rap culture. Up until that point my knowledge of rap was the CDs of whatever rap albums were in the front rack at the store. I would cop because I didn’t know no better. I wasn’t old enough to go to shows, so I was just buying blindly.

“Once the Internet started booming I came across a site called I don’t know why I ended up on that site but I always liked the term ‘underground/’ I was so naive as a kid that I literally thought it was a hip-hop movement that happened underground, like in the sewers. I thought nobody knew about it, that it was a secret cult. It fascinated me.

“I ended up on and they had a forum, I signed up for the forum, created a name—I was Alexander The Great. I posted verses on that shit from like middle school all the way until halfway through high school. If you wanted to go on and go on the forums and look up Alexander The Great there’s probably over a thousand verses posted by me on there.

“That’s kinda how I learned how to write raps—by sharing my verses with other writers and other music peers and them critiquing it. When I first started posting in it fools were straight hating on me. But down the line I started honing my skill. That’s when I let them know I’m 14 writing these verses and fools was blown away. That was a boost to my self-esteem, it made me want to continue to dive into this music.”