Today, Big Boi dropped a video for "Apple of My Eye," off of Vicious Lies & Dangerous Rumors. Harley Morenstein from Epic Meal Time makes a cameo appearance in the intro for the visual, as Big Boi and his friend try to find the right dish to feed a girl to get her to smash later. After eliminating several of Morenstein's suggestions because he does not eat pork, the A-Town emcee settles on a simple apple to get the job done.

The video then transitions into a performance scene. Big Boi is accompanied by the song's hook singer, Jake Troth, and a band called The Sons of Thunder, with the green apple from the intro making a quick appearance a couple of times.

The video closes with Big Boi meeting up with his friend from the beginning of the clip and recapping what happened to the girl they gave the apple to. The scene fades with the two walking into a building, for reasons that are not quite clear. Maybe they're trying to find the hiding spot that Andre 3000 has nestled himself into. Probably not though.

[via DJ Booth]