Album: As Cruel As School Children

Gym Class Heroes came and went without many people noticing (aside from Katy Perry). "Cupid's Chokehold" had its fair share of mainstream airplay, but much of the band's remaining catalog went unnoticed by the masses. For the most part, no FOMO to be had there, but "Viva la White Girl" is the exception to the rule. Upon first listen, the song seems to be about cocaine, but upon further listening, is actually about the intoxicating affect of music on its listener. Any way you listen, the song floats around the key players of a lifestyle we've put on a pedestal for decades: fame, fortune, money, girls and drugs. So what if the lead singer is a tatted-up, tween-romanticized borderline boy band member. If you're not worried about neighboring cars throwing judgmental shade your way, this song is best listened to with windows down. -Brianne Garcia