Casey Veggies has quietly built himself a pretty solid foundation for a career. He's not a major star just yet, but he's well on his way: Over 100,000 followers on Twitter, YouTube clips racking up hundreds of thousands of views, and his latest project, Life Changes (which dropped last month), flying past 100,000 downloads on DatPiff. The mixtape is his fifth solo release since 2007. While it's impressive that the rising rapper (born Casey Jones) is consistently dropping music, the fact that he's still just 19-years-old? Kind of astonishing.

Veggies first caught listeners' attention in 2011 for his affiliation with Odd Future, back when they were first blowing up. He's since struck out on his own, and started his own brand with Peas and Carrots International. And beyond Odd Future, he's got some pretty heavy co-signs from peers like Mac Miller, industry legends like Sylvia Rhone—who signed him to Sony last year—and even Roc Nation, who currently manages him. 

From how his father used to be Jay-Z's bodyguard, to how Mac Miller helped his career, and his thoughts on the Fairfax scene in L.A, we got on the horn with young Veggies while he battled a toothache to find out: Who Is Casey Veggies? This is what we heard.

As told to Insanul Ahmed (@Incilin)

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