Craziest request: 20 international phone lines

If you're Madonna, you can do whatever the hell you want no matter how outrageous it seems because guess what? You're Madonna. A 200-person entourage that'll put Waka Flocka's crew to shame? Check. 20 international phone lines to call all her celebrity friends and tell them how amazing it is to be Madonna? Check.

And she might as well bring her whole house with her, too, or at least something that closely resembles that. Nothing feels better than home so she ships her home furniture along every stop of the tour to make sure her backstage room looks exactly like the friendly confines of whatever mansion she's living in nowadays.

Full list of items: 200-person entourage, her backstage room must look exactly like her own home (that means she ships around her furniture), special flower-scented fabric, actual flowers, personal chef who prepares only vegan foods, and her own dry-cleaning service.