Label: Decon
Released: November 13

Roc Marciano's been around since the late '90s, but it took his 2010 debut album Marcberg for us to properly gauge his talent. In 2012, he followed it up with Reloaded, an album overloaded with quotable lyrics, ridiculous flows, and sample-heavy production. It garnered remarkable reviews in both underground rap and indie/hipster circles, winning over fans with drumless loops and unique rhythms layered beneath some of the flyest and wittiest raps of the year.

The Alchemist lent his talents to two tracks, the dark and majestic "Flash Gordon" and the hard-hitting "Pistolier," and Q-Tip also assisted on the ultra-smooth "Thread Count." But Roc was the star of the show, rhyming circles around his contemporaries, and solidifying himself as a producer that's not to be slept on.

Peep "76," "Deeper," or "Peru," and tell us that there's another rapper out there with a stronger pimp-hand behind the mic and the boards. We dare you. Dude is a problem, and even though he's already in his mid-30s, Reloaded only leads us to believe that Roc Marciano has plenty more left in the clip. -Daniel Isenberg