Album: Black Thoughts Vol. 2
YMCMB/Universal Republic

“Yeah, I made that around the time I dormed at Boyd at Tennesse State too. This was like at night. I woke up, and just started playing some chords. I was in a really sleepy mindstate, so I really can’t remember how I made some of it. I remember I woke up, just got the computer on, going through some chords, grab some strings. I was sleepy as shit, but I wanted to make a beat. Add a little 808, some echo and snare on there. There really wasn’t too much with the drums. I remember when I started sending beats to Tyga my sophomore year, really all the beats I did for him, even the one I did on his album, I sent in two folders, and he picked all of them beats progressively. I remember I wrote my first hook and verse for Tyga, and that was on a song called ‘Drink the Night Away.’ That kind of went to ‘Hypnotized’ and then ‘Don’t Wake Me Up,’ and then ‘Potty Mouth.’"