Album: Detroit
Label: G.O.O.D. Music, Def Jam

“The same process of how ‘Guap’ was, was how this was. He was on the road recording a reference to it. He texted that to me. I remember I was in class, and I listened to that shit in class. I got out, I went to the crib and made that beat. I sent it to him and he was fucking with it, and I think he recorded it while I was in school. When I came out there during my trips to LA, he played it for me, and then we got Jhene on there, and I put some vocals on there. That’s how that really took place. I just made that at my apartment. Just made some keys, made some drums, just really kept it smooth.

“I really like smooth stuff, stuff that make you feel good. Everybody wants to feel good. Feel calm, cool, and comfortable at the end of the day, so I really feel like I like making stuff that sounds calm. I just like making stuff that sounds good.

“I just made the beat and I just be like, ‘How would somebody else really listen to this? Let me think of everything that’s coming out and think of how I could fit too. Y’all making these type of beats, let me try and not make those types of beats.’ Make something different, something smooth that kind of connects on the same level as everything else. My thought process of making beats is just making sure everybody can relate.”