Uploaded: June 25, 2012

Mixtape: Alter Ego

DGainz: “I originally found out about Tink when Keef had tweeted the ‘3Hunna’ freestyle. I listened to it, and I was like damn, she got some bars. I hit her inbox, like, let me shoot that! And she was like, ‘Zae already hit me.’ I was like, god damn Zae! [Laughs]

“I remember tweeting that somebody should do an R&B version of ‘I Don’t Like.’ She tweeted me like, ‘I got you.’ I remember somebody saying she could sing but I ain’t never heard her. I remember her putting it up and I was like damn, her voice is so different. I’m like damn she can really sing. I seen her potential but she didn’t really have a lot of records online that sparked my attention, so I had recorded a song originally called ‘Just Life.’ I had produced it and recorded it and I remember my pops telling me, ‘Damn, this is the one. You say you want to put out a Rap song to catch some attention. This is the one right here. Keep that record, don’t give it to nobody.’

“Usually I give all my records away, and I was just sitting and thinking about it. I know her potential and I had the record, and sent it to her. She said, ‘Who’s that?’ I’m like, ‘that’s me!’ She said ‘that’s trill and soulful at the same time.’. I said if I send you the instrumental, can you redo it and use mine as a reference? You can do your own verses but use the same hook I have and make it relate to you. ‘Cause what I’m saying relates to me, flip it and make it relate to you.

“She ended up sending me the record and I’m like, god damn this girl got some talent. So I remember we scheduled the video shoot with Elevator. She hit me and she was like, ‘I want to shoot the video by this graffiti wall.’ It ended up being in a Mexican neighborhood, so I remember pulling up and her and her cousin were wearing these colorful shirts, and it reminded me of some Puffy and Mase type shit [laughs]. We were setting up the equipment and some Mexican guy was walking up to her and one walked up to me like, ‘Man, have you ever been to jail? You look familiar.’ I said hell no, I ain’t been to no jail! Elevator was like, ‘We should go shoot somewhere else. I don’t think this is gonna work.’ I was like, no we good.

“We get to shooting and there was a group of Mexicans out there and they was watching and we could tell they was part of a gang. They were looking like they were gonna whoop our ass over here. She get to performing, and they just get to vibing to it, like clapping. I remember Jordan from Elevator was like, ‘I think if the song wasn’t good they would have robbed us’ [laughs]. I remember one of the old ladies was out there dancing.

“We went on top of the roof at Elevator’s loft, we climbed up on the rooftop and I remember everybody being scared as hell to climb up the ladder because it was so narrow. I was scared than a bitch, I was shaking coming down the ladder. But the shoot turned out nice. And it was real hot, [Tink] was sweating out her hair. But that’s what happens when you have no money to put into the visuals. We can’t pay makeup artists so people have to excuse us for that. But it turned out okay to me.”