Uploaded: June 24, 2012

Mixtape: Do You Know Who I Am? 

DGainz: “When it comes to doing videos, Chella is not like, ‘Just shoot me and call it a video.’ She likes to have her shit in order, like as far as the video goes. I remember her hitting me, ‘This is the idea I got for the video.’ I was actually doing like a Pitchfork interview that day and they rode with me to the video shoot.

“One thing I remember about that video shoot was I just bought some Jordan’s worth $200, and I ended up going in the baseball field and fucking them up. I only wore them like twice, I had sand all on them and messed up my Jordan’s. I remember Chella was snapping on people, like, ‘Shut the fuck up. We trying to shoot.’ Young Chop came out there, a lot of people came out for the shoot. It was fun.”

“Yeah, Chella is more than a co-director, she a real bitch [laughs].”