Meech:“My top movie in life right now? A Clockwork Orange is probably my favorite movie. And then I’d give it to Menace II Society because I’ve been watching that movie since I was a little lad. And then Disney’s Dumbo. That’s that trippy shit you ain’t know.

“I really like movies a lot. I try to take a lot from movies. Not just imagery-wise. But just influences period. Movies have a lot of great shit especially when you are under the influence of certain things. You try and pick up on some shit that you didn’t pick up on before. I feel like D.R.U.G.S. is pretty cinematic.”

Erick:. “I have to say when I am by myself and I make beats. I never have complete silence with just a beat on. I have something on television. Something on my computer screen. Even if the track is on mute, the fact that it’s there. I am creating a canvas for what I am watching. So if I am watching American History X or I am watching Ken Park. I wonder what type of songs-if I never heard the soundtrack of this movie-what would I create or what would he create to be that? That’s why I think movies are so important.”

Juice:“What’s one of my favorite movies? Juice [Laughs.]”

Meech: “It all depends though. You got the gory horror movies. You obviously always love those. Zombie movies at the top of the bracket. Return Of The Living Dead really changed my life. Evil Dead is a classic. They Live is a classic. We used to watch Return Of The Living Dead everyday. I don’t know why we were so drawn to it. Obviously the zombies.”

Juice: “A lot of funny parts. I like the one with the lady. What she say, man? ‘How does it feel to be dead?’

Meech: “‘Braains! Braains!’ That whole movie was just funny to me. I like the old school supernatural zombies that rises from the grave. Not that virus, swine flu niggas. I don’t really like that shit.”