Willis Earl Beal: "I've already recorded 13 new tracks in the studio. I composed them all, and on a couple of them, other musicians have played. I am not so much worried about that as I am worried about continuing to be self-indulgent. It's OK that it's more acceptable to other people but I want to be as self-indulgent as possible because then I'll know that I won't have pulled any punches just to impress people.

"I did improve my sound. I am a better musician now. But I'm only a better musician now because I've grown organically. I was going to be anyway, given time. Those recordings were initially recorded because I didn't give a fuck.

"Now, I'm recording with other people in mind. I'm still doing things that interest me and not necessarily anyone else. Although if I'm listening to it several times, I feel like it's going to interest people and surprise people with how diverse I am and how really actually talented I am."