The Shins were the musical guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, and in addition to their performance, they gave his audience a survival guide for how to have "a safe and sane Coachella experience." Here is a list of their tips for this weekend's festival (insert clip above for visual punchlines):

1. The buddy system should be used at all times. Pair up with a buddy!

2. Be aware of those around you. Never trust a girl in a headband, or a guy with a bottle opener on his clothing.

3. Wear comfortable shoes, but not too comfortable.

4. Don't body surf.

5. Don't have sex with trees.

6. Don't bring David Hasselhoff.

The Shins are slated to perform at Coachella this Saturday, 4/14 at 8:10pm. If you are not lucky enough to have tickets for the festival, no worries, you can stream their performance via the Coachella YouTube page. The Shins new album Port of Morrow is available on iTunes now.