Producer Young Chop is getting a lot of attention lately, mostly for being the man behind Chief Keef's "3Hunna" and "I Don't Like." Chop recently signed with Warner Bros., and Fake Shore Drive decided it was time to talk to the 18-year-old beatsmith. One of the most interesting things revealed, however, turned out to be a collaboration between Chief Keef and Kanye West that is apparently in the works.

FSD: So rumor has it that Kanye is a big fan of Young Chop?
Young Chop: Oh yeah, oh yeah. I haven’t met him yet, but I’m waiting to meet him soon.

FSD: Has Kanye reached out? 
Young Chop:
 Oh yeah. He’s digging it. He has like 12 Young Chop beats right now as a matter of fact [Laughs].

FSD: I hear Ye’s a big Keef fan, too? 
Young Chop:
 Yep, he’s a fan of Keef.

FSD: I’ve also heard that there might be a collaboration between Keef and Kanye in the works? 
Young Chop:
 Yep. Yeah that’s happening.

[via FakeShoreDrive]