The Future

Wiki: “We’re working on RATKING right now. We started coming out with a structure for the project and shit. We’re gonna try to get 1993 out a little bit more because it never got out too much. Trying to find someone to manage us hopefully and then just try to do shows and get out there.

“[As far as major labels] Honestly, we just wanna be able to do us. We just wanna have freedom with what we do. If a major label was like, ‘Yeah, you can make the music you wanna make.’ I don’t know how all of this works, I’m not in the industry. I guess we’re interested in being independent because we kind of feel like, do you really have to be on a major label?”

“I feel like since the Internet, you’ll see people from this level, and this level on the same blog. Like, people are watching on the same format on the Internet, it’s like, you can be independent, and as long as you have that appeal. Even if it’s not perfectly there yet, you just have that potential. Keep working.”

SPORTINGLIFE: “We listen to Wiki’s rhymes over and over and over. Just me being like a fan of music, his shit is just so technically sound and it’s still advancing.

“That’s what people don’t realize. In this day and age people develop in public so they never really develop. As soon as they put their first thing out, they’re the beat-maker. Since they’re in the public eye and you can like throw your stuff on the Internet so quickly, you never really have the chance to switch shit.

“People just come out and it’s so derivative. So forget about a new sound being made.

“We definitely value bringing in an idea, bouncing it around amongst informed older parties, younger parties, new friends, and find a way to make the right decisions.”