Right now, you're probably familiar with producer Party Supplies based off his work on Blue Chips, the new mixtape with Action Bronson. The Fool's Gold artist is getting ready to drop his debut album and show off another side of himself, and it might catch you off guard. The Brooklyn resident talked to Pigeons & Planes about hip-hop production, his album title, and what the new music sounds like. Read a few excerpts below:

On Action Bronson and Danny Brown:

"Right now, I don’t really want to work with anyone other than Bronson. I mean, I’ll work with some people if the opportunity presents itself, but I’m not really looking for that right now. Bronson is an exception because he excites me. He doesn’t really take himself too seriously, but at the end of the day, he does take himself seriously. That’s why I fuck with the dude.  And Danny Brown. He’s so ill. We recorded together about a year ago, so that is coming out eventually. He’s a good dude."

On establishing himself as more than a rap producer:

"I could steer this boat in any direction at this point. I could keep perpetuating myself with this MPC player, but at the end of the day that’s not really where I wanna be. I want to be on stage singing, playing songs that have original music, singing the lyrics that I wrote."

On "Guy Friends":

"That's me singing. Nobody knows that. This one guy was like, “Yo, it’s a good record, who’s the guy with no shirt that you remixed?” I was like, “That’s me with no shirt, and that’s not a remix. That’s my song.”

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