Guest List (Celebrity Edition)

Andrew W.K.: "Let's see. I would invite Gandhi. I would like to see how he handles himself in a real loud party situation. He's nonviolence in its purest form, so I think he could really have a good, fun-loving, friendly, peaceful party vibe. The best kind of party is like the most aggressive, violent fun and kindness that you could ever have, and I think that he embodies those qualities quite well.

"I would like to invite Sylvester Stallone, but not as an actor—as several of his characters. I would like him to portray those characters at different points of the night, so when he arrives, I would like him to be John Rambo.

"Maybe around midnight or 1 in the morning, I'd like him to become Rocky. Then around 4 AM, I'd like him to go back into Rambo but leave that little porkpie black hat that Rocky wore on and try to combine the two characters into one super, super character.

"I would like to invite Dick Cheney, just to hopefully shatter his mind with the intensity of partying and get him to become the greatest guy in the world."